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Plant capacity: 100~6×10Nm³/h

Technical characteristics:

    Methanol cracking, decarburization and PSA purification process can obtain high purity of hydrogen, low energy consumption, low raw material consumption of methanol , about 0.5 kg methanol per one Nm³hydroge.

Feedstock condition: methanol of industry grade

Achievements condition:

    More than 30 sets of plants have been put into operation and under construction, including the largest industry of hydrogen production by methanol.

Typical achievements:

    Hubei Jinrun Energy Co., Ltd.: 40000Nm³/h hydrogen plant by methanol cracking

    Panjin Hongye Petrochemical Co., Ltd.: 5000Nm³/h hydrogen plant by methanol cracking

    Dongying Aoxing Petrochemical Co., Ltd.: 12000Nm³/h hydrogen plant by methanol cracking

    Dongying Guangyue Chemical Co., Ltd.: 15000Nm³/h hydrogen plant by methanol cracking