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+Correlation technique of coal chemical industry

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Plant capacity: 1000~3×10Nm³/hLNG

Technical characteristics:

    Using one segment isothermal bed of methanation technology, the entire  process is very short, process gas goes through the reactor at one time and no circulating gas or recycle compressor, the plant achieve minimization of investment and maximization of profit, and have low cost and save energy. The investment of methanation section is reduced 30% compared with the foreign technology.

Application scope:

    Coke oven gascoal gasification gas and synthesis gas including CO,CO and H₂

Typical achievements:

    Inner mongolia Jianyuan Coal Char Industry Co., Ltd.: 20000 Nm³/h LNG plant from coke oven gas

    Hegang Hanxing Energy Science & Technology Co., Ltd.: 30000 Nm³/h LNG plant from coke oven gas

    Chongqing Hongteng Coal Char Limited Liability Company: 30000 Nm³/h LNG plant from coke oven gas

    Yunnan Qujing Gas Co., Ltd.: 10000 Nm³/h LNG plant from coke oven gas

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Comprehensive utilization technologies of methane gas, coal bed gas, shale gas
One-stage or two-stage PSA process is adopted to increase the concentration of methane in gas to over 95% to produce CNG or LNG. There is no need to compress the gas. Deoxygenation is needed to guarantee safety.
Ammonia synthesis is developed from industrial tail gas(such as coke oven gas)
The technology is Suitable for coking enterprises who has massive surplus of coke oven gas,because of its low one-time investment and low cost.
With coal(including water-coal-slurry and dry pulverized coal) as raw material, ammonia synthesis is developed by pressurized coal gasification technology
The technology is Suitable for large scale ammonia plant, because of its low energy consumption and low cost.